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Tide information

1.Zhangjiagang Geography: E120-24'20",L31-57'00"
If you need local map ,pls contact us at your convenient time
High tide 4.23
Low tide 1.73
3.Channel restriction:
ZJG 10.8m in FW.
4.Pilot: compulsory
From CJK to Baoshan :sea pilot
From Baoshan to ZJG :river pilot
5.Night navigation restriction
a) 24hrs available Usually.
b)ship age less than 12 yesr,
c)No bad record for ship main engine.
d)No dangerous cargo which MSA controlled.
e)Pilot station approved.
f)Weather permitted.
Compulsory ,charge in lump sum depend on ship's LOA
Available including drink water.
8.Ship repairing
Available at Jetty only.special case need port authority special permission.
9.Important information
A)If ship's LOA over 205m , draft over 9.7m , entrying Yangtze river need Special
permission from MSA, additional cost wl be occured
B)Fu Nan channel tug escorting if ship’ s age over 12 year or main engine problem in
pilot station record, RMB4,500 (usd672) for one tug. two tugs will be used some times,
flwg cost will be occurred RMB9000 (usd1344),
C)Tug escorting if ship's LOA over 150m and draft over 9.7m for oil/chemical tanker drop
at ZJG anchorage,charge in lump sum RMB20000/night for ship's safetyreason,
compulsory ordered by MSA.

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We shall make full effort to provide you the better services and more competitiveport charges.
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Looking forward to cooperate with you in future.

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